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Surviving the Holidays: A Six Week Reboot

Rather than giving into the thought of holiday weight gain, stress and sleeping issues, why not support your body THROUGH the holidays?

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Meet Carrie and LeAnne

LeAnne and I are passionate about our clients and our community, so we decided to create these 6 Week Reboots to get people connected, supporting eachother and reaching their health goals!

Watch our video to get an idea of what to expect and then check out more details below!

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Here's What You'll Get:

-Access to a private Facebook page- I'll be checking in 3x/day EVERY DAY with tips, tricks, recipes, videos about mindset, and checking out labels that you share with me!

-A 60 minute workshop every two weeks to connect, answer questions and go over the next phase of the reboot!

-Meal Plans for all 3 phases of the reboot (supplements are also an option for those that want to go at this hardcore-will be discussed at first workshop)

-Lots of education about soy, soybean oil, fructose, agave, how most calcium supplements can cause kidney stones, acid reflux, and arthritis, and much more!

I'll post videos, take polls, and ask for lots of feedback to keep our momentum going throughout the entire process!

Phase 1: Cleaning Up Your Diet/Digestion - lay the foundating with a healthy stomach and gut - address gas, bloating, nausea, diarrhea, constipation, acid reflux

Phase 2: Blood Sugar Reset - reduce insulin resistance, cravings, and inflammation, support better sleep, energy and mood

Phase 3: Liver/Gall Bladder Detox- lower cholesterol, support fat metabolism and burning, improve sleep and digestion

What you'll get from Leanne:

-A free intro workout session - in-person or virtually

-Weekly videos on ways to effectively strengthen ALL the parts of your body with only 20 minutes 2x/week 

-A free e-book that explains why slow motion strenth training is so good for you!

*NOTE: If you have health issues that require personal attention, you will be given the option to do private consultations with me throughout the reboot at a discounted cost. 

Cost: $195 for the entire 6 weeks!

Email, text or call me to sign up!

Start Date: October 25th @ @ 10am

Online - zoom link will be provided

Other Workshop Dates: 11/8 and 11/22 - Workshops will be recorded and shared with those that can't make it.

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