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Aimee M. Hollywood, CA

I've worked with Carrie in the past and she's amazing! My 13 year old daughter started having horrible acne and we suspected cysts on her ovaries due to irregular periods. Taking her to the endocrinologist was not much help. He said she wasn't presenting enough symptoms to diagnose her with PCOS and missing periods is no big deal. So thank the Lord for YOU, Carrie!!! Because these doctors aren't good for anything but blood tests! 😜

Seriously, you are such a Godsend and I am soooo thankful for how you've helped me, and now Elise. I hope you truly know that how you've helped Elise has not only made her more healthy on the inside, but it's given her a new lease on life because the acne was causing such devastating emotional turmoil for her. I wish my own mom had known what I know now. It's all just more proof that food is medicine! So, thank you!!!

Stuffed Avocado

Jennifer W. Carlsbad, CA

When I met Carrie I had just given birth to my third son and my health had quickly deteriorated after that. I had been to numerous specialists who couldn't pinpoint the cause of the symptoms I was having. One doctor thought allergies, one thought it was an autoimmune disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, or Celiac Disease, and I'm sure many of them thought I was a little crazy since none of them could diagnose me with anything. Then my life changed..... I met Carrie. During our first appointment she could see how toxic and depleted I was of vitamins and minerals. I was still a bit skeptical, but at this point I was willing to try anything, because by this point I was basically pushing myself though every single day. I had: headaches, facial pain, numbness and tingling on the right side of my body, difficulty with writing, my hair was falling out, I had lost 1/3 of my eyebrows, my memory was horrible, I was dizzy most of the day, depressed and constantly worried about things out of my control, my entire body ached to the point that I was exhausted and on the couch by 2 pm. I was 33 years old and felt what I imagine 90 years old would feel like. At this point,taking care of my kids took everything out of me and I knew it would soon be impossible. So we changed my diet, added in some supplements to fill my deficiencies, did a cleanse, and within 2 months I was back to myself if not BETTER! 99% OF MY SYMPTOMS WERE GONE and I had a TREMENDOUS amount of energy! I honestly will never in my lifetime be able to thank Carrie enough for everything she has done for me and for my family. She allowed my children to regain their mother, my husband to regain his wife, and I regained my life.

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Adam S. - Fullerton, CA

Since working with Carrie I have grasped a deeper understanding of nutrition and over health and well being through my diet. As a vegetarian of 2 years I thought I had things covered but after a very thorough assessment and exam by Carrie I found I had a few deficiencies in terms of calcium and B vitamins. Carrie has a wealth of knowledge in her field, its been a blessing and privilege to work with her. Carrie's recommendations and supplements have helped me keep my calcium, protein, and B vitamin deficiencies in check. By just a few additions to my daily diet I saw improvements in my energy level, sleep patterns, muscle and injury recovery times. I also saw changes in my skin and nails as I continued to follow her specific program. Carrie has been an essential stepping stone in my path to improving my health and wellness. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve overall health, wellness and life longevity. Her holistic approach and experience will be a huge asset to your life :) Thank You Carrie

Stuffed Avocado

Judy S. - Lake Forest, CA

 Thanks so much for everything you have done for me Carrie. I don't know how I would be feeling by now if I had not met you. I can really tell a difference in how I feel. Just after a couple short months my anxiety is almost gone and I have much more energy than I used to.

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Katelynn M. - Costa Mesa, CA

I have been going to Carrie for 6 weeks now and she has completely changed my life.
I had no idea how much sugar I was consuming and how much energy I could gain by just seeing an expert nutritionist like Carrie.

I initially came to Carrie because I had stomach pain after eating and I was just always tired. I went to my primary care doctor and they told me I was just being dramatic about my stomach pain. As a physically active and "healthy" 26 years old, I did not believe these are issues that I should be looked at as normal.

Carrie loves what she does, and you can see the passion with everything she goes over with you. She took into account my food preferences and made the transition to healthy living easy.

I have not had bad gas or stomach pain since I have been seeing Carrie. On top of that, I wake up earlier now, energized! I never thought that was possible!

Carrie is the best and I am so glad that I was referred to her! I could go rant for ever how great her services are. If you are thinking about changing your life and gaining energy, Carrie is the best person to see!


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