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The Connection Between Stress and Nutrition Deficiencies

When I ask people when they started noticing symptoms of fatigue, pain, trouble sleeping, weight gain, etc. they'll say 2 years ago, 5 years ago, 10 years ago... and when I ask them what happened 2, 5 or 10 years ago, they're usually able to name a horribly stressful event i.e. a parent or spouse dying, a super stressful time at work, their best friend getting cancer. They themselves dealing with a severe illness or injury.

So often we just push through the stress, because we have to, right? What other choice do we have? But while pushing through stressful times, we often don't take very good care of ourselves. There's no time to focus on eating the right foods. There aren't enough hours in a day to sleep AND get everything on our to-do list done. On top of that our bodies become cortisol and adrenaline machines, causing our bodies to become depleted in vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to stay healthy and balanced. After we've been in fight or flight mode long enough our bodies say "Enough, I can't go any longer without rest and replenishment."

By the time symptoms start to manifest deficiencies are pretty deep, but there is hope. Don't wait though. Just like a well running car, your body needs the proper nutrients to keep you running optimally.

The sooner you start the journey, the sooner you get where you want to be.

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