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"A" for Effort but a LOT of Vitamins are Crap!

In general, we take a LOT of vitamins. It’s a multi-billion dollar industry! We try to do our research, and I always give my clients an "A" for effort, but people often come in with a bag or boxful or vitamins. They've tried to be consistent, but they're overwhelmed, they don't notice much of a difference, and they're confused about whether or not they SHOULD or NEED to be taking any of it!

So here's a couple things to think about:

#1, Supplements aren't regulated by the FDA or anyone else, which in a way I love, but at the same time you have to really do your research to make sure you're getting a good product.

It's mostly true that you get what you pay for. Most supplements that you find at Costco, CVS, Target, etc. are synthetic. They're high dose, synthetic junk. Even Trader Joe's supplements are junk. :(

Here's a tip on identifying synthetic supplements: If a supplement ingredient label lists Vitamin B6 and then in parentheses says "Pyridoxine Hydrochloride", or Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) check the other ingredients list towards the bottom. The list probably contains zero food ingredients, and is therefore synthetic. The body can't use synthetic vitamins nearly as well as real vitamins.

#2. No one has the same combination of deficiencies and dysfunctions as you. If you and your neighbor both crave sugar or want to lose weight, and they say "Oh, try this! This worked wonders for me!" and then you try it and it doesn't work you go "What the heck??" But your neighbor may have a liver and fat burning issue, and you may have high cortisol levels and a slow metabolism. Both can cause sugar cravings and weight issues, but require totally different vitamins and minerals to get you balanced and functioning.

We all try to take vitamins to make sure we're getting what we need, but we're often shooting in the dark, and we're often taking supplements with other ingredients like soybean oil, polyethylene glycol and food colorings, which has a horribly negative affect on our liver and hormones.

With the Corona Virus running around, a lot of my clients are taking oregano oil, and zinc, and calcium, and frankincense, and, and, and.... Again, huge "A" for effort, but taking too many immune supplements, especially at high dose, can freak out your immune system and detoxing organs.

A couple good brands are Garden of Life and Gaia, but again don't go crazy. Figure out what your body needs. And I highly recommend not jumping on every supplement band wagon. :) I know it's really easy to get caught up, but it can add up quickly money wise, and too many supplements (especially bad ones) can put a burden on the liver and kidneys, and still may not be giving you specifically what YOU need.

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