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An Apple a Day Really Will Help Keep the Doctor Away! Here’s why!

Updated: Apr 11, 2020

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away". We've all heard it, but not many people know where or why that saying exists. I'll tell you: apples contain malic acid, and malic acid helps soften and break up gall stones, keeping bile flowing more freely through your lymphatic system. The lymphatic system includes your liver and your lymph nodes and is hugely responsible for clear out cell debris, metabolizing fat and removing toxins from your body.

When I have my clients do a liver/gall bladder flush, on top of having them take a malic acid supplement, I also have them eat an apple a day. :)

Just a tip: apples are sprayed heavily with pesticides, so you should ALWAYS buy them organic, and wash them with a fruit and veggie wash to remove any waxes or residues.

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Anto G
Anto G
Dec 10, 2023

Is the malic acid also in the peel? I peel mine regardless of whether they are organic or not. Are you suggesting to eat the apple without peeling it? Thank you.


What fruit & veggie wash do you recommend? (or how is it made...)

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