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Add These 4 Things to Your Morning Yogurt

If you like yogurt it can be a super easy way to get lots of good fat and protein in first thing in the morning. Make sure it's a no sugar added yogurt and a less processed brand like Skyr, Siggi's, or if you want to go dairy-free try Kite Hill or So Delicious.

So now for toppings that pack a punch:

-Hemp hearts- a complete protein, no carbs, heart healthy monounsaturated fat, and a plethora of vitamins and minerals!

-Walnuts, make sure they're raw, chop them up too if you like - lots of good fats for your brain

- Berries, organic, or kiwi or pineapple (try the frozen chunks from Trader Joe's - super convenient)

-Raw honey - any flavor (wildflower is my taste preference)- contains enzymes that support healthy pancreas and fat burning functions

**Tip: avoid granola. Most of it is loaded with added sugar.

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